"Bettye's book is the most comprehensive book on voicewriting available anywhere. It will be the most used reference book in your library.  I refer to it often and I have been teaching voicewriting students for several years."
- Ardith Spies, Director
  Verbatim Careers Institute
"Many of our customers find it quite difficult to overcome the many obstacles to obtaining accurate recognition when using speech recognition software.  We always recommend they buy and read Voice Writing Method by Bettye Keyes.  It is the one indispensable guide for answering all their questions and should be part of everyone’s library who uses this technology."
- Steve Webb, PhD, of Talk Technologies, Inc.
  Inventors of the Sylencer® and SmartMic™
"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading Voice Writing Method.  I am a self-taught voice captionist for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students in postsecondary education.  It was clear, precise, and taught me so many new and important tips.  It also reinforced what I have already learned.  Never before did I feel it necessary to highlight text in a book... until now.  I can honestly say that MOST of the book is highlighted and also has stars next to some of the tips.  I was totally obsessed with reading it and whizzed through it in one week.  The language was easy to understand and user friendly! 
"You have boosted my morale and self-esteem.  What a great book!!!"
Maryellen Smolka
"Now there's finally an informative, honest, non-software specific book that addresses everything anybody needs to know about voice writing.  Bettye has taken what she has learned form her own years of experience, doing the trial-and-error work for us, and she's done a great job teaching in simple and understandable terms.
"From now on, I'm going to recommend the book to everybody who calls me and asks me how to get started."
Beth Blackburn
  Court Reporter
"Bettye's publication is much more than a "how-to" book. It is an easy-to understand, well-written, conflict-free theory, which the reader may confidently incorporate, saving untold hours of trial and error."
Diane M. Gray, RPR, CRR, CVR
  Court Record Manager
  Center for Legal and Court Technology
  The Courtroom 21 Project
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